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Beginner’s mistakes for beginners – Learn about the mistakes!!

Beginner’s mistakes

Beginner who wants to receive a steady income from playing poker has to spend a lot of time and effort to the study of theoretical concepts and practical game skills acquisition. However, as in any other case beginners need to start from scratch. Here is for your attention the list of top ten mistakes that beginners commonly make, sitting at the poker table. Examine this list carefully and don’t repeat these mistakes in your game.

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  1. Playing poker while your head is busy with something else.

If for whatever reason – whether it’s illness, problems in personal life or at work, the defeat of your favorite football team or just a bad mood – you can not concentrate on the game, better take the day off. Anyway eventually nothing good comes out of the game in this state of mind. Enjoy a day or two (and more if needed), renew your strength and clear your mind and only then start playing poker

  1. Playing on the money that you can not afford to lose.

This is one of the most common mistakes Poker players make. Playing on the last of his money, the money received in a debt, in short plating for the money the loosing of which can lead to very negative consequences for you – you will be under a very strong psychological pressure. This pressure, in turn, will inevitably affect the quality of your in-game decisions

  1. Poor bankroll management

To become a very good player, it is not enough to master your own game, you have to develop the optimal strategy for managing your bankrolls (gaming capital), and strictly follow it afterwards. This bankroll management strategy determines what % of your capital you can put on the line and risk it during each game session. In addition, this strategy will define how you will progress with the table limits depending on the growth of your bankroll. You have to strictly follow these rules to protect and grow your bankrolls – this will also help you to avoid the psychological pressure, described in the previous clause, as well as to improve your chances of surviving during the “bad times” which from time to time happen with every poker player

  1. Pattern, primitive and easy-to-read game.

Very often a beginner having mastered a few basic tricks begins to apply them mindlessly and automatically. In this case, his game is too predictable for opponents. To avoid this, you must rotate the different techniques and strategies of your game. In addition, a good player is always adjusted to the style of his opponents, to use their weaknesses to the maximally benefit from it.

  1. Taking decision based only on your cards.

Many of the beginners get so passionate about their cards that they forget to analyze the actions of their opponents. Remember: the decision that you take during the game must depend not only on your cards, but also on the actions of other players. Try to understand the logic behind the play of your opponents; try to put yourself in their seat, try to guess what they think. Try putting your “opponent a certain hands combination, having which he could have accomplished this or that game action (check, bet, call or raise). It will be difficult at first, but the only way how to develop such a skill in you is to practice.

  1. The usage of very complicated playing techniques.

Top class level playing techniques are good against the top class players. However, when playing against the “donk”, these techniques may be useless and even harmful for you. You can apply sophisticated and comprehensive move in order to fool your skilled opponent about the strength of your cards, but you most probably fail using this same move on a beginning player who often commits an error, which is described in the previous clause. In this case, your opponent-beginner probably just did not pay attention to your actions, and as a result he was not affected by your ”move”.

  1. Ignoring to analyze your own game.

The key to success in any business is practice. However, the practice does not bring you any good if after each game session you will not analyze your game in order to identify the sources of your errors and trying to remove them from your game. That’s why you need to analyze your game constantly.

Incorrect probability (factor of chance) calculations

Lear the basic behind the mathematics of poker. Learn to calculate your chances of winning the pot. Remember that success at poker is only a small part of it. You can win by luck for one day, for one week, but in the distance only your game skills will bring you to the positive results. Many players refer their winnings to their game skill, but their losses to bad luck. Accordingly, the player begins to overestimate his level of skill which often brings more losses. Learn to take responsibility foryou’re your losses – this habit will save you a lot of money.

  1. Wrong table limits selection.

If you feel that your opponents are too strong for you – simply change the table to lower limits. Remember that you are not playing to prove to everybody that you are the best poker player on this planet – you’re playing to earn some money. Look for a table with a smaller blinds and weaker players. It is weak players who will give you with the biggest share of your income

  1. Last but not least.

Always keep control of yourself and your emotions. Neither the joy of victory nor the bitterness of defeat should take you out of your balance. If you feel that you can not cope with the surging wave of emotions – refer to paragraph 1 and take a break. You can always continue the game later when you’re calm and rested.