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Poker Player Profile Chau Giang

Personal Life

Also known as Chau Tu Giang is a professional poker player currently ranked 111th in the United States all-time money List and is a popular choice among players as well. Guang is a Vietnamese-American of Chinese descent married and has three children. He fled Vietnam in 1970 to Florida in a boat. Upon arrival, he did minimum wage jobs. He later went to Colorado as a Chef, earning $160 a week. His job exposed him to poker which he quickly learned.

After strings of success in the game, he decided to move to Las Vegas where the big cash and heavyweights appealed more. He reportedly made $10,000 earnings in his professional debut year in Vegas.

Much of his growing up, however, remains undocumented.

Poker Beginnings

While there is a common acceptance that Chau Giang learned his craft in Colorado, there isn’t a clear indication of what drove him to poker. However, it may have been to supplement the meager income he earned as a chef

He finished second to John Bonnetti in 1993 in the Pot-Limit Hold’em event at The World Series of Poker (WSOP). He was first in the $1500 ace-to-five draw winning his first bracelet. His second bracelet would come five years later in the Omaha eight-or-better event.

Giang would, later on, take a sabbatical from playing tournaments focusing on his cash game. He would join the “Big game” although conservatively limiting himself to the 4k/8k game.

It is said his return to television was sparked by his children questioning why he wasn’t appearing on television anymore.

Poker Success

Perhaps being ranked 111th in the United states All-time winning list, considering his recent re-entry to tournament poker, compared to other heavyweights, is an indication of how successful Guang is.

He confidently cashed in the WSOP event in 1996, finishing a respectable 13th. His bracelets are a testimony to his success.

Having a second bracelet in 1998, (from an Omaha 8 or Better event), third in the $2,000 (Pot Limit Omaha event) in 2004. In this event, he was able to outshine heavyweights like Robert Williamson, Chris Ferguson, and Dave Colclough. He also had stints online, playing under the Alias “La Key U” on Full Tilt Poker. He would later be signed as a pro in 2009.

In 2008; he had total earnings amounting to $2.1 million. His total tournament live earnings exceeded $3.5 million as of 2009. Ranked eighth in the all-time cashing list in the WSOP. This in fact, due to having 51 WSOP cashes amounting to $1,767,062 of winnings. His first World Poker Tour (WPT) was 9th place in its inception.

Poker Fame

He is widely famed for his quotes, aside from being a successful Vietnamese-American of Chinese origins making cash at the tables of Nevada and bracelets. Guang believes poker is a skill-based sport. His memorable quote “At the table I hear people say, Poker is luck… which is 100% wrong. If they are losing, it is because they’re doing something wrong. Poker is a skill, it isn’t luck. In the long run, day after day after day, you cannot get lucky all the time.”. This is equally displayed in the book Deal Me In. He reportedly said, “Poker is a game of skill with an element of luck, not a game of luck with an element of skill.”