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Texas Hold Em Strategy For New Players

If you are new to the Texas Hold ‘em table, first and foremost, remember this rule above all else: have fun while you play. This may seem like a simple piece of advice and one that most people would normally try to follow, yet thousands of Holdem players each day get so caught up in the game that they forget they’re supposed to be having fun and end up losing that element of enjoyment. This actually works against them in more ways than simply ruining a good time because by becoming overly focused on the game and no longer enjoying it, players can begin to lose control of their emotions and thus have their logic and decision making capabilities impaired. At the poker table, having this happen equates to lost money, so do yourself a favor and simply enjoy your time to help improve your odds one step further.

With that in mind, there are a few basic concepts of the game itself that you should understand and practice when you are first beginning to play to help take your game to the next level. Namely, when first getting into Hold ‘em (or any poker game, for that matter,) always try to play tight. This means: Take your time, wait for the right cards and don’t wager your hard earned money pointlessly on whatever comes your way. By taking it slow, you can better judge how the game is progressing and plan your moves accordingly, while getting overly excited and wagering half your chip stack on a mediocre hand will most likely knock you out of the game before the other players are even halfway through. Knowing some strategies and techniques will certainly help you in the game. You can learn some of these from sites like Judi Bola Online and other trusted casino sites.

Do not be afraid to be picky with your hands either. It is okay to fold like crazy until you get the two cards you have been waiting for. If you ever watch any of the major Hold ‘em players compete throughout the world, you’ll see that players around a table will be folding constantly, biding their time until just the right hand comes their way so they can make their move. By doing so, they are reducing the amount of risk that is brought against them each round and helping to maximize their earnings throughout the game. Following the same habit yourself and being willing to fold your hand – even if it’s after the first round and you’ve put some money into the pot – can mean the difference between walking home a winner at the end of the day and walking home with empty pockets.

Finally, remember that your position at the table each round helps determine how you should play your hand. If you’re in an early position, or one of the first players to decide whether to play or fold, only play a particularly strong hand such as an AA, KK or QQ pair (among other strong combinations.) On the other hand, if you are in a mid to late position, you can play a moderately strong hand (such as 99, 88, QJs, etc.) so long as you do not have to call an earlier raise. This will help give you an edge over the other players by helping to ensure that you’re only playing a strong hand against whatever they may play, increasing your chances of winning the pot even further.